Some tips for waste removal and recycling

With the wide range of activities that take place at home and the variety of items needed, there is a great need for effective waste removal and disposal methods. Here are various tips on waste removal and recycling.

1. Re-using.

It’s always advisable to consider the amount of waste being disposed of by reducing it carefully before throwing it away. One can select items that can be washed and reused before discarding them. Plastic containers like those containing ice-creams can be used to house many small items.

2. Garden Manure

Organic materials such as vegetable peels, food scraps and fruit rinds when left to decompose and added to the soil in the garden turn to organic fertilizers which enhances the growth of quality plants through the provision of nutrients. The waste is thrown in layers to form a composite pile; the amounts should be in proportion and add yard debris as well as grass to it. This can be a very efficient way of waste recycling if one grows vegetables. Since pests like slugs and snails may affect garden, they can be controlled by use of crushed egg shells.


3. Animal feed

Pets such as rabbits can give an effective way of waste disposal by feeding them with the retained vegetable peels and food scraps. The family dog always appreciates the large meat bone. Pigs are never discriminate what to feed on; they eat whatever is given to them hence can help in disposal of most of the kitchen rubbish and food leftovers.

4. Donation

Another way of waste removal is donating bulky reusable items such as furniture, electrical appliances, and children’s equipment items to organizations for charity. The items are then refurbished, checked for safety and passed to somebody else instead of them just lying as waste.

5. Use as fuel

When refurbishing furniture at home, the replaced furniture can be used as firewood by cutting it into smaller pieces. If one doesn’t use charcoal stoves, one can make some money out of the small pieces furniture by giving the furniture pieces to those who use firewood.

6. Recycling

This method of waste disposal is recommendable mostly because it is environmentally friendly. A great number of items can be easily recycled such as paper products, appliances, certain plastics rubber, mattresses, glass, and wood. Although it may be difficult to find a recycling center, it’s advisable for one to undertake a good research to find one close by. Recyclable items should be set separately, to avoid mixing the materials to make it easier to recycle them. The trash amounts could absolutely reduce each year if all recyclablematerials where recycled.

6. Installing a garbage disposal

A garbage disposal is also an alternative way of doing away with food waste at home. The solid food waste is altered to enable it to run through the sewer pipes. As much as garbage disposal solves the problem of waste disposal, it encourages throwing away of waste that would be rather used in a composite pile.

Waste disposal is a worldwide problem; difficulties are encountered by most countries in handling municipal solid waste. With the right tools, if every individual applies the above tips on waste removal and recycling, then it would lead to drastic reduction in the waste that ends up in recycling bins and landfills.