What can be found in reclamation yards?

I bet you identify with the frustration of walking from shop to shop, street to street trying to find something. You would get into a store feeling hopeful, only to turn around empty handed. The reason could be that the price tag was too hefty, or what you wanted was not available at that particular store. We have all been there at one point. Well, your frustration may be no more if you consider shopping at reclamation yard Liverpool.

So, what exactly are reclamation yards?

They are well-stocked all-in-one shopping stores. Talk of all under one roof for all household goods and appliances. Not forgetting a variety of construction goods. Though mostly recycled, they are well refurbished and in excellent condition.

Things that can be found at reclamation yards include:

– Construction materials

Should you consider undertaking some construction and, you are worried of where to source your bricks, tiles, doors knobs, doors, glassware and even roofing materials, let a reclamation yard be your ultimate solution.

– Furniture

Be it the exquisite bed and comfortable couch that you saw on the tv or movies. Beautifully curated wardrobes, cupboards, desks, dinner tables, and chairs that you so long to own. Reclamation yards are the place to shop.

– Household appliances

Think of the wide range of appliances that you will need. Appliances that have been tested by time and whose quality is still unrivalled. Well, try switches, sockets and lamp stand from reclamation yards.

– Garden items

You recently moved into a house with an extensive garden whose bare not so cute scenery is a constant eyesore? Get planters, decorative furniture and flower pots to match the beautiful house from a reclamation yard.

– Sanitary ware

Though rarely talked of, they are one of the most significant wares in a building. Think of the sinks, taps, urinals and whatever else are sanitary requirements in a home. A reclamation yard will have it all.

– Historical Antiques

The historian and the antique collector is not left out either. Yeah, all the 1900’s goods and carvings you’ve been looking for. Think along stone tablets and even ancient wood carvings.

– Fireplaces and Hearths

The cold season will soon come knocking. Brave it by getting some fireplaces and hearths at low prices. There are experts to aid you in the installation too.

– Wood and timber

Well treated and expertly preserved to withstand all weather changes. You will also find it in all the shapes and sizes you might need. So next time you think of constructing animal houses or wooden stores, or anything that requires wood and timber, a reclamation yard is the place to look.

This list of categories is not exhaustive of what can be found in reclamation yards. Neither are the goods and products in the categories. Also do note that not all reclamation yards’ stock similar goods. So take the time to find goods, products or services you are in need of there.

A great reclamation yard that is located in Merseyside is Earth Cycle Action. If you are in the area make sure you drop by and check the well-stocked yard out. They also offer demolition services, rip out work, and  restoration.